Domestic Violence

Is domestic violence destroying your family?

Florida has very well established and powerful laws protecting victims of Domestic Violence, both criminal and civil. In Florida, persons who are married, reside together, or who meet other relational criteria may seek issuance of a Petition for Injunction against Domestic Violence if they are the victim of domestic violence. The victim must file a sworn Petition in which they provide the Court with a detailed statement of what happened and when. If the Court finds that there is probable cause to issue the injunction, it will become a Temporary Injunction against Domestic Violence and the offending party will be ordered to have no contact with the victim

If the spouse or offending party violates the Temporary Order he or she can be arrested and charged with the crime of Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction. After the Court issues the Temporary Injunction, the Court must set a Return Hearing within 14 days and both parties must appear before the Court and present evidence supporting the claim. If the Court hears the testimony and believes that there has been domestic violence, the Court may issue a Permanent Injunction and the spouse or accused party will not be permitted to have contact with the victim.