Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Florida Marital Settlement Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, and Postnuptial Agreements

A prenuptial, postnuptial or marital settlement agreement can protect your rights before your marriage, during a difficult period in a marriage,  or before your divorce.

The law offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A., guides you toward sound legal decisions on matters regarding assets and property accumulated before your marriage, and a fair division of that property if the marriage ends. We have over 20 years of experience, legal skills and client commitment that work in settlement negotiations.

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Audrey A. Jefferis Drafts Solid Agreements for Your Family

Before you marry:

Your prenuptial agreement/post nuptial agreement can save money, preserve business and property ownership, protect any future inheritances and avoid costly, lengthy and sometimes bitter divorce litigation. A well-written prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can protect your assets from future claims of your spouse and give you the peace of mind that your spouse is married to you for reasons other than financial gain.

If you have decided to end your marriage:

A properly drafted Marital Settlement Agreement written by an experienced attorney will protect your interests and ensure that what you have orally agreed to is binding and legally enforceable. Agreements between parties in all divorce cases must be in writing. Make sure your Marital Settlement Agreement specifically and accurately addresses such issues as current and future child support, obligations to pay marital debts, and tax liabilities. Often these issues are inadvertently left out of agreements, and parties have to spend thousands of dollars in future legal fees to correct the omissions. A Marital Settlement Agreement can be submitted to the court and avoid litigation and expense. It also avoids the need for future modifications.

Family lawyer Audrey A. Jefferis in New Port Richey offers skilled negotiation and drafting of family law agreements, including postnuptial, prenuptial and marital settlement agreements. She gives you control over the end of your relationship.

Whether your family law goal is a prenuptial, postnuptial or marital settlement agreement, you can be assured of receiving the highest quality personal service from our law offices. We serve clients in the greater Tampa metropolitan area, plus counties such as Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando and Hillsborough.

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