Firm Overview

A Law Office Focusing Exclusively on Family & Marital Law Matters

At our law office, we handle only family and marital law matters. We believe that this focus is necessary to provide you with the highest quality legal services with the requisite knowledge and experience to serve you.

We routinely handle difficult and sensitive family law matters such as child custody / parenting disputes, divorce or dissolution of marriage actions, alimony (spousal support) cases, and domestic violence matters through LITIGATION, COLLABORATIVE LAW and MEDIATION.  

We also handle pre-litigation and post litigation needs such as prenuptial / ante nuptial / post nuptial agreements, marital settlement agreements, amendments to marital settlement agreements, mediated settlement agreements, and adoption matters such as consent hearings, step parent adoptions and terminations of parental rights.

We represent clients throughout the Tampa Bay area, including Pasco County, Pinellas County, Hernando County, and Hillsborough County.

Philosophy and Approach to Family Law:

We are well aware of the need for a family lawyer to be a tough and aggressive advocate. We are, however, simultaneously aware of the need for a family lawyer to be sensitive to the emotional vulnerability of clients. We believe that practicing family law is a balancing act between the duty and obligation to aggressively represent our clients and the simultaneous duty to assist clients in understanding the law. We believe that our clients should be fully informed and aware of their financial, emotional, and legal obligations to their spouse, the other parent if the parties are not married, and, most importantly, to thier children. We routinely refer our clients to counselors, therapists, financial experts and other professionals who can assist them in understanding how best to navigate and negotiate a divorce or custody battle. We are mindful of the damage nasty and expensive litigation can cause the parties and their minor children and we believe it is our duty to fully advise our clients of other options such as mediation or engaging in the collaborative law process.

We recognize that family legal matters can be one of life’s most traumatic events. We know that being involved in a family law dispute often results in depression, inability to concentrate, work-related issues and other stressors. We make every effort to listen patiently to the needs of clients and to refer clients to appropriate counseling, psychological, and other associated professionals when the need arises. We believe that the primary role of the family law attorney is to help clients remove the emotional cloud of navigating a divorce, custody or family law matter, and to help them make wise decisions regarding their children, finances and other matters when they are least able to do so.