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Child Custody Relocation New Port Richey FLSometimes it’s necessary for people to relocate, whether for a job, a spouse, or an endless number of other reasons. When there are children involved from a past marriage or relationship, however, things can get complicated, especially if the other parent objects to the move. If there’s a custody order or a parenting plan in place, and one parent is seeking to move more than 50 miles away, it’s important that he or she strictly adheres to Florida’s relocation statutes to avoid being held in contempt of court, as well as various other penalties.

You will likely need the advice of an experienced and capable family law attorney to navigate this difficult area of the law. Fortunately, parents in the Tampa Bay area can rely on the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A., for assistance. The attorneys at our firm have extensive experience handling a wide array of modification actions, including parental relocations. Whether you’re the parent who’s looking to relocate, or the one objecting to the move, we can skillfully handle your child custody relocation case.

What Happens When the Non-Moving Parent Objects?

Sometimes, when one parent wants to move away, the other parent won’t object to the relocation. Even when that happens, it’s a smart idea for the moving parent to get the other parent’s written approval ahead of time to avoid any hassles that could crop up in the future.

But, what happens when the non-moving parent opposes the relocation? In that instance, the moving parent will need to file a petition seeking permission to relocate and, if necessary, permission to bring the child along. The other parent will have 20 days to file a response (it’s important that he or she does so, since the court can grant the petition without a hearing if no response is filed). Assuming that the non-moving parent files a response, the court will hold a hearing to determine if the move is in the child’s best interests. Even if the child isn’t moving too, the court will still consider his or her best interests, and may adjust the time-sharing schedule accordingly.

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If you need advice on how to get permission to move out of state with a child, or how to oppose such a move, contact the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A., to schedule a consultation. Our main office is located in New Port Richey, FL, but if that’s too far of a drive, we’d also be happy to meet with you at our Palm Harbor, FL, satellite office. We’re proud to assist clients throughout the Tampa Bay area with child custody relocation issues.

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