Injunctions for protection against Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking

pa domesticFlorida has very well established and powerful civil laws to protect victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking. Injunctions are orders that prevent people from doing certain things. In the case of domestic violence, an injunction typically operates to prevent the offender from having contact with the victim.To obtain a civil injunction to prevent Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Dating Violence or Stalking, a victim must file a sworn Petition in which they provide the Court with a detailed statement of what happened and when.  If there is a sufficient legal basis, the court will issue a Temporary Injunction, preventing the offender from contact with the victim. Within fourteen (14) days a hearing will be set, and the victim will have to appear in court and testify. If the court finds that there is a sufficient legal basis, the injunction can remain in place for several months or even years.

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