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Picture of an older couple sitting at opposite ends of a couch after an argument.If you need a late-in-life divorce attorney in Palm Harbor, Florida, you can entrust your case to the experts at the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A. We’re a full-service family law firm, and we regularly handle late-in-life divorces.

What Is a Late-in-Life Divorce?

The term “late-in-life divorce” generally refers to a divorce that occurs after the age of 50. These dissolutions are also commonly referred to as “gray divorces” or “silver divorces.” Late-in-life divorces are occurring more and more frequently, with studies showing that the gray divorce rate has roughly doubled since 1990. Here are some common reasons for late-in-life divorces:

  • People change over time, and some older couples drift apart and end up falling out of love.
  • Financial disputes are a common reason for divorces overall, and many older couples find that retirement places an extra strain on their marriage.
  • After becoming empty nesters, many older couples realize that their children were the only thing they had in common.
  • Some couples stay together for their children’s sake, and only proceed with divorce once their kids reach adulthood.

Why Should You Hire a Late-in-Life Divorce Attorney?

If you’re contemplating a gray divorce, it’s important that you partner with an attorney who’s highly experienced with this type of split. Late-in-life divorces can present a number of unique issues, so it helps to have someone on your side who knows what to expect.

For example, older couples often tend to be wealthier than their younger counterparts, and dividing their assets can be especially complicated. Plus, many older couples spent years living in their family home, and their emotional attachment to the property makes them fight harder for it in their divorce. A gray divorce attorney is uniquely qualified to address issues like these.

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