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Child Custody When Parents Live in Different States

Child Custody When Parents Live in Different States

Navigating child custody issues when you and the other parent live in different states can often be confusing and frustrating. One of the first questions that usually comes up is where to file for custody. Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), the child’s home state—which is generally where the child has lived for the previous six months—will have jurisdiction over the case. A court in that state will issue determinations affecting custody and visitation.

Tips for Long-Distance Parenting

If you and your child live in different states, you may find it difficult to see him or her as often as you’d like. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain a relationship while you’re apart. Here are some tips on how to stay connected to your child:

  • Schedule regular conversations. When it comes to Skyping and telephone calls, try to stick to a routine so that your child has something to look forward to. Some parents like chatting right after school, while others prefer to call before bedtime so that they can read the child a story.
  • Participate in activities together. Younger children may find it difficult to hold a conversation, and you can make it easier for them by doing an activity together over the phone. You could watch a movie at the same time or video chat while you’re each eating dinner.
  • Send mail. There’s nothing better than getting a surprise in the mail, and receiving something from you will make your child’s day. Spend some time writing a letter or put together a care package with a card and a few small tokens.

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