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How Is Child Support Calculated?

How Is Child Support Calculated

In Florida, courts calculate child support based on a set of statutory guidelines, which take into account factors like each parent’s income, the time-sharing schedule, childcare costs, and health insurance costs. In some instances—such as when a child has ongoing medical expenses or income of his or her own—the courts will deviate from these guidelines. However, it’s rare that this happens, and when it does, there must be a legal basis for the variation. Not only are these guidelines used when calculating the initial amount of child support ordered, but also when considering any subsequent modifications.

Can You Withhold Support If You’re Not Being Allowed to See Your Child?

No, you can’t. If you’re entitled to visitation with your child, the other parent can’t stop you from seeing him or her simply because you’re behind on child support payments. Likewise, if you’ve been paying child support and the other parent has stopped allowing you to see your child, you can’t stop making payments in retaliation. Child support and visitation are two separate matters that aren’t dependent on one another.

Do You Need Help With Child Support in the Tampa Bay Area?

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