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How to Adopt a Relative Child

How to Adopt a Relative Child

If you’re looking to adopt a child in your family—whether it be a sibling, niece, nephew, cousin, or grandchild—it’s important to consult with an attorney who has experience with this particular area of the law. Relative adoptions can be quite confusing, and the importance of retaining a qualified advocate to help guide you through the process can’t be overstated.

With the help of your attorney, you’ll need to file a Petition for Relative Adoption with the court. In most cases, the consent of both biological parents is required. If that’s not true for you, and one or both biological parents object to the adoption, you’ll need to prove to the court why each objecting parent’s consent isn’t required. For example, you may need to show that the parent’s rights have already been terminated or that the parent has abandoned the child. After conducting a hearing, the court will decide whether the adoption can move forward.

Relative adoptions do not require a “home study” and, if the biological parents agree, they can be much easier and less time consuming than adoption of a non-related child.

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