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How to Divorce Amicably

How to Divorce Amicably

When you’re married to someone, your lives become so intertwined that they often can’t be completely separated, even in the event of a divorce. If you share children together, you’ll likely be spending time with each other at school plays, graduations, weddings, and other big events throughout the rest of your lives. If you have mutual friends, you might see each other at group gatherings. And if you share the same interests, you may even bump into one another at local concerts, sporting events, or festivals.

If you’re going to be dealing with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse for years into the future, it’s a wise idea to keep things on good terms to avoid any potential awkwardness or bad feelings. Even if you can’t imagine yourself ever seeing this person again, being cordial throughout the divorce process can keep your stress levels down, make negotiations easier, and save you money. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to divorce amicably:

  • Rather than blaming your spouse for everything, remember that you each likely played a part in the breakdown of the marriage.
  • Empathize with your spouse and remember that the divorce is affecting him or her too.
  • Discourage your family and friends from pointing fingers and talking badly about your spouse.
  • If you’re having trouble keeping your emotions in check in person or on the phone, try stepping back from the situation and writing out your thoughts in an email (so long as you’re speaking kindly and respectfully). You can even write the email and keep it in your drafts for a few days, then once you’ve cooled off, re-read it and make any necessary edits before sending it.
  • Be honest and don’t try to keep certain information from him or her.
  • Take time for yourself, whether that means joining a gym or getting a massage, since conflicts tend to arise when people are stressed.

Choosing the Right Attorney to Help With Your Divorce

If you’re interested in pursuing an amicable divorce, it’s important to hire an attorney who will also be committed to that goal. At the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A., we have extensive experience with collaborative divorce, which requires the divorcing spouses to work together to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. We would love to tell you more about what that process involves and find out if it’s something that might work for you. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

The divorce and Family Law Attorneys at The Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis provide services in the following counties: Pasco County, Pinellas County, Hernando County and Hillsborough County. Let us help you today!

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