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How to Get a Divorce Without Knowing Where My Spouse Is

How to Get a Divorce Without Knowing Where My Spouse Is

If you’ve decided that you want a divorce but your spouse is nowhere to be found—perhaps he or she left after your last fight and failed to provide a forwarding address—does that mean that you have to remain married indefinitely? No, it doesn’t. There’s a process known as “divorce by publication” that lets you proceed with a divorce in your spouse’s absence. However, there are numerous steps you must complete before your divorce will be granted, and the rules can vary from state to state, so it’s very important that you consult with an attorney who can guide you through the process.

In general, you’ll start off by making a good faith effort to locate your spouse, which might include reviewing public records, contacting law enforcement, or hiring a private investigator. If you’re still not able to find him or her, you’ll need to request that the court issue an order of notice by publication, which will allow you to publish notice of the divorce in a newspaper in your spouse’s last known whereabouts. If your spouse doesn’t respond within a certain amount of time, then you’ll have to file a notice of default. You’ll likely have to include proof that the notice of divorce was published, along with a copy of the published notice, and you may also need to file an affidavit stating that your spouse isn’t in the military.

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