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Is It Worth It to Get a Divorce Lawyer?

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If you’re in the midst of a divorce, one of the questions on your mind is likely whether you should hire a divorce attorney. Divorce itself can impose quite a financial burden, so you’re probably looking to save money wherever you can, and attorney fees may seem like an easy expense to eliminate.

Despite the additional costs associated with hiring an attorney, it’s generally a smart step to take. The terms of a divorce agreement can have long-term ramifications on a couple’s finances, so it’s worth it to expend some additional money now to ensure that you’ll be more economically secure in the long run.

Even if your divorce is uncontested, a qualified divorce lawyer should review the terms of the agreement to ensure that:

  • Your interests are protected
  • The agreement will be approved by the court
  • It is comprehensive and written in a way that will prevent additional problems from developing in the future, which could cost you money down the road

Plus, divorces aren’t always as straightforward as they may initially seem, so if an issue arises at court, you’ll want to have an experienced advocate on your side.

The Divorce Lawyer to Choose Near You

Once you’ve decided to get a divorce lawyer, the next step will be finding the one that’s right for your needs. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, you can turn to the experienced team at the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A. We’re a full-service family law firm with offices in New Port Richey, FL, and Palm Harbor, FL, and we devote a large amount of our practice to divorces.

We understand that saving money is a top concern for many of our clients, and you can rest easy knowing that we work efficiently and charge reasonable rates for the services we perform. Notably, we also have extensive experience with collaborative divorce, an alternative to traditional litigation that often saves divorcing spouses a considerable amount of time and money.

Contact the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A., today to schedule an initial consultation at whichever location is most convenient for you.

The divorce and Family Law Attorneys at The Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis provide services in the following counties: Pasco County, Pinellas County, Hernando County and Hillsborough County. Let us help you today!

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