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What Qualifies as Emergency Custody?

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Are you concerned about how your child is being treated when they’re with their other parent? Is there a chance that the other parent might try to take your child out of the state against your wishes? Or, conversely, has the other parent threatened to file an emergency motion to alter your existing custody (parental responsibility) or visitation (time-sharing) arrangement?

In any of these scenarios, your first question will likely be, “What qualifies as emergency custody?” What would you (or your child’s other parent) have to prove in order to immediately get temporary custody of your child without having to go through the standard modification process?

Florida Statute 61.534 states that “[i]f the court, upon the testimony of the petitioner or other witness, finds that the child is likely to imminently suffer serious physical harm or removal from this state, it may issue a warrant to take physical custody of the child” (emphasis added).

So, what would make a court likely to issue such a determination? Emergency custody is decided on a case-by-case basis, and outcomes will vary depending on several different factors. With that being said, courts often grant petitions for emergency custody when the other parent has:

  • Abused or neglected the child
  • Threatened to abduct the child
  • Exhibited severe substance abuse issues

The Firm to Choose for Help With Emergency Custody Petitions

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