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Picture of a father kneeling down to hug his son.Residents of Clearwater, Florida, and the surrounding area can confidently turn to the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A., for issues involving parental responsibility (custody) and time-sharing (visitation). Our child custody lawyers work diligently to help clients achieve the best possible results at court, always acting with compassion, courtesy, and respect.

Children’s Wishes: Are They Taken Into Account?

Has your child expressed an opinion regarding where they’ll live, how much time they’ll spend with each parent, or any other issues related to custody and visitation? You’re probably wondering whether the family court judge will be considering your child’s wishes. According to Florida law, the judge will have the discretion to consider your child’s preferences only if they feel that your child is sufficiently mature (this is a subjective determination, and an experienced child custody lawyer can provide some insight into what will likely happen in your specific case). And even if the judge does take your child’s opinion into account, he or she may still issue a decision that doesn’t conform with your child’s wishes.

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