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Discuss Your Case With a Child Custody Lawyer in Palm Harbor, FL

Picture of a man and a child playing with toys on the floor.If you’re facing a custody case, the best thing you can do is speak with an experienced child custody lawyer. Fortunately, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A., are available to meet with clients from Palm Harbor, Florida, and surrounding areas. We’re a family law firm with extensive experience handling parental responsibility (custody) and time-sharing (visitation) matters, and we’ll be happy to help you take the first step with your case.

What to Ask a Child Custody Lawyer

If you’ve never met with a child custody lawyer before, you may be unsure what to expect. To ensure that you get the most out of your meeting, you should consider asking your family lawyer the following questions:

  • How much experience does your firm have with child custody cases?
  • Have you ever handled a child custody case with facts similar to mine?
  • What is your fee structure, and how much should I reasonably expect to pay in attorney fees?
  • What are your initial thoughts on my case?
  • What should I expect to happen during these proceedings?
  • What will the judge consider when deciding my case?
  • Is there anything I can do now to improve my chances at court?
  • How long do you anticipate it will take for us to reach a resolution?

Schedule Your Consultation

Are you ready to start reviewing your options with a knowledgeable child custody lawyer? Then contact the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A., today and request an initial consultation. In addition to our main office in New Port Richey, we operate a satellite office in Palm Harbor, FL, and our family law attorneys can meet at whichever location is easier for you to visit. During your appointment, we’ll discuss what’s occurred in your case so far and what you’d like to achieve at court, and we’ll also tell you more about our firm and what we can do to help you. And if you’re going through a divorce, we can also assist you with filing or responding to divorce papers and more.

The divorce and Family Law Attorneys at The Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis provide services in the following counties: Pasco County, Pinellas County, Hernando County and Hillsborough County. Let us help you today!

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