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What Do Judges Look For?

Oftentimes, when a client meets with one of our child custody lawyers, they ask what the judge is going to look for when determining custody. Florida’s laws require judges to consider the child’s best interests when making custody determinations (see Florida Statute 61.13(3), which states that “[f]or purposes of establishing or modifying parental responsibility and creating, developing, approving, or modifying a parenting plan, including a time-sharing schedule, which governs each parent’s relationship with his or her minor child and the relationship between each parent with regard to his or her minor child, the best interest of the child shall be the primary consideration”).

In doing so, the judge must evaluate “all of the factors affecting the welfare and interests of the particular minor child and the circumstances of that family.” This might include:

  • Whether each parent puts the child’s interests before their own needs and desires
  • Each parent’s physical and mental health, as well as their moral fitness
  • Geographic concerns, such as the amount of travel time required
  • How familiar each parent is with the child’s daily life, including their favorite things and the names of their friends, teachers, and medical providers

In some cases, the judge might also take the child’s preferences into account (if the child is deemed to have sufficient intelligence, understanding, and experience).

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