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Picture of a bride and groom showing their wedding rings and holding the bridal bouquet.The attorneys at the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A.—a full-service family law firm serving Holiday, Florida—are pleased to assist clients with prenuptial agreements. Our lawyers have extensive experience both drafting and reviewing these contracts, and we’ll do whatever we can to help ensure that your interests remain protected.

Can a Prenuptial Agreement Ever Be Nullified?

In certain cases, yes, prenuptial agreements can be nullified. Generally speaking, if the terms of an agreement or the circumstances surrounding its signing are unfair, the contract may be nullified. For example, if the terms of a prenuptial agreement were unconscionable at the time of signature and one or both parties didn’t receive proper financial disclosures (and they also didn’t waive their rights to those disclosures), the contract may be considered unenforceable.

Or, if one of the spouses didn’t voluntarily sign the agreement—whether they didn’t sign it at all or they only signed it under coercion, duress, or fraud—then there’s a good chance that the contract will be nullified. It’s also important to note that prenuptial agreements often go unenforced in the event of an annulment.

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