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Picture of a person placing a coin into a piggy bank next to a miniature wooden house figurine.When parents in Palm Harbor, Florida, need a child support lawyer they can trust, they can turn to the skilled team at the Law Offices of Audrey A. Jefferis, P.A. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling child support cases, and as a full-service family law firm, we can also assist you with parental responsibility (custody), time-sharing (visitation), and other related matters.

Child Support & Visitation: Does One Affect the Other?

Many people assume that child support and visitation go hand in hand, with child support essentially serving as payment for time with the child. They think that if the parent who’s paying child support isn’t being allowed to see the child, they can just stop making payments to the other parent. They also believe that if the parent who’s supposed to be receiving child support isn’t being paid, they can stop allowing the other parent to see the child.

This actually isn’t how it works. Child support and visitation are two separate matters, and neither one is dependent on the other. So, even if your ex hasn’t been keeping up with their court-ordered child support payments, you can’t restrict them from seeing your child. Likewise, if your ex hasn’t been following the agreed-upon visitation schedule, causing you to miss out on time with your child, you still need to keep paying child support. In either of those situations, rather than taking matters into your own hands and risking being held in contempt, you should meet with a child support lawyer to determine how best to enforce the court order.

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